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On this photo you can see the inner cover of the book with all 8 figure drawing templates convincingly assembled in one page for easy reference. This photo clearly depicts the reverse side of the page with ten different templates for face/hair styles which are designed to fit perfectly any of the figure drawing templates available in the book.

book of male figure drawing templates: back cover

Book of figure drawing templates:
Templates are designed with intense attention to practical aspects of figure drawing process.
  • translucently: translucency of templates allows you to use the reverse side of a template for additional poses and views. As a result you can use twice the number of poses and views that are actually printed in the book.
  • durability: polyester on which templates are printed is very long-lasting material but to ensure better longevity of templates they were laminated with thin (but durable) matte film which allows you to use templates for very long time.
  • binding: string binding allows you to keep your templates flat on a drawing desk while you are drawing and even to take the book apart into templates.