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Learn how to draw male figure with Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V. Ivanova

Template based Figure Drawing techniques by Irina V. Ivanova.. Body views , static and movement

Unique and innovative tool for figure drawing

We announce publication of the second book in the series Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V. Ivanova. Figure Drawing Templates. Set #2. Standard man's figure. A new book of male figure drawing templates is structured and designed in the same format as was designed first set of Figure Drawing Templates by Irina Ivanova.
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BUY Figure Drawing Templates ISBN 978-0-9843560-0-3

The Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V. Ivanova . Faces and hair styles

Male figure is depicted in a variety of views in the book. In addition to standard views, such as front view, back view and side view, the male figure is presented in three quarters view as well. Three quarter view is shown in static (with no movement) and in mild movement poses. In the book you can also find side view and front view in movement, back view in mild movement, in addition to static front, side and back views.

Such diversity of views allows creation of varied, advanced and versatile images of the male figure. Three quarters view, front view and back view in movement are depicted in multiple poses, merged in one versatile image. There are alternative positions of arms and supportive leg to choose from when using this book for figure drawing. You can mix and match a position of an arm with a position of a leg and create various poses. As a result, you can draw a variety of different figure poses using one single template.

Ten different head views are collected on a separate page of the book, ready to be used for drawing.

This book collects all necessary information and creates an excellent foundation for drawing male figure in a variety of poses and styles.

The Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V. Ivanova . Set 1 . Cover

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