drawing woman's figure, multiple figure poses form the same template  figure drawing poses
Resulting pose which could be created using one template. There are many distinct outcomes which could result from one template. They are similar in the sense that they represent same movement overall (front figure in movement in this case), but they are dissimilar enough to make up a different pose. You can see a collection of such poses created from one single template (at the right) in the moving picture above.

How to use figure drawing templates?

You can create a variety of different drawings using one single template.

Each template in the book has multiple overlapping positions of arms and legs for creating many outcome poses from one template.

You can mix and match a position of an arm with a position of a leg and by using a variety of different head views create different looking poses in your drawing from one template.

The image on the right is the figure drawing template with multiple movements incorporated into one template for drawing many different poses. The images on the left are examples of various outcome poses created using the same template.

One figure drawing template resulted in multiple distinct figure drawing poses.

drawing woman's figure, front view,movement
Create your croquis by tracing one of available poses in initial template. Multiple positions of hands and legs in the template allow you to select the pose which suits your project best. By selecting a different position of hands and legs every time you draw, you will have a different outcome. You can have more than 20 different poses as result of such mix and match drawing with template
Because initial template fuse in one multi pose figure possible numerous poses variety of different views and poses could be drawn using one single template at the book drawing women's figure using template: trace the template By Tracing one of available poses in initial template creating a croquis. Multiple positions of hands and legs in the template allow you to select the pose which suits the best to your project