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Back view of the woman's figure with mild movement

The fourth page of the book is a back view of a woman's figure with mild movement and with a variety of different positions of legs and hands. This image alone allows you to draw at least 12 different poses. In addition to that, due to the translucency of the pages you can draw using the reverse side of the page, thus doubling the quantity of available poses up to 24. Translucency of pages also allows you to see previous template on the reverse side of the page.

Back view of the woman's figure with mild movement and with variety of different position of legs and hands

Book of figure drawing templates:
Templates are designed with intense attention to practical aspects of figure drawing process.
  • translucently: translucency of templates allows you to use the reverse side of a template for additional poses and views. As a result you can use twice the number of poses and views that are actually printed in the book.
  • durability: polyester on which templates are printed is very long-lasting material but to ensure better longevity of templates they were laminated with thin (but durable) matte film which allows you to use templates for very long time.
  • binding: string binding allows you to keep your templates flat on a drawing desk while you are drawing and even to take the book apart into templates.