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Learn how to draw female figure with Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V. Ivanova

Template based Figure Drawing techniques by Irina V. Ivanova.. Body views , static and movement

Unique and innovative tool for figure drawing

Female Figure Drawing Templates are designed to be a guidance and reference for drawing a female figure. The figure templates are stylized as 9 heads tall, streamline body build, standard female figures. The book also includes a template with images of 10 female heads with various hair styles and face types. Female figure templates are designed in stylish and elegant proportions reflective of contemporary woman's figure style.

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Drawing female body: true to anatomy and style:

The Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V. Ivanova . Faces and hair styles

Body style ideals and norms are changing with time. These female figure drawing templates are stylized according to contemporary aesthetic norms. Thorough stylistic tuning according to contemporary ideals of female figure makes these templates stylistically relevant.

Such stylization of female figure in the drawing templates makes the Female Figure Drawing Templates a prefect resource for illustration, fashion drawing and manga-style animation.

Drawing an illustration of female body requires some stylization to show elegance of the female figure and to emphasize natural stylishness of female body. However stylization has to be within the limits of anatomical accuracy.

Female figures designed for these templates were created with intentional and careful balance of current body ideals and anatomy of the female body. The female figure drawing templates are anatomically accurate and in the meantime stylish.

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The Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V. Ivanova . Set 1 . Cover

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