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  1. Why is this book so concise?
  2. Why does this book cost this much?
  3. What if I need help in using the book?
  4. What options do I have for shipping?
  5. Do you ship internationally?
  6. How secure is payment via your website?
  7. Do you provide discounts and promotions?
  8. Do you offer free shipping?
Why is this book so concise? [Top]:

When you are buying a book you are not paying for quantity of pages, you are paying for information and useful resources containes in those pages. It is not the quantity of pages or size of the book that matter: it is the amount of resources and information which you will gain.

Typical figure drawing template book contains many poses in many pages, but you can only use one pose at a time. It is time consuming and it limits your imagination. Single pose template is intended for thoughtless tracing and offers no room for improvisation.

This book compresses numerous poses in six planogram-style multiple poses figures. Thus, when you draw you can select the best movement/pose for your drawing from variety of options. You can creatively select, mix, match and combine the most advantageous movement and pose for your figure drawing.

This is why despite the fact that this book contains only 7 pages, the number of potential drawing outcomes which is contained in these pages is almost unlimited. By buying this book you are buying an extensive amount of drawing resources which are conveniently and efficiently compressed in six effective planograms.

Why does this book cost this much? [Top]:
  1. This book is printed on polyester, not on paper. This book is not cheap for the most part because, unlike typical paper books, it is printed on polyester. So, the price of the book cannot be compared to generic paper books but rather should be compared with polyester templates which are much more expensive than a typical paper book. Due to the material used for this book, part of the manufacturing process is done manually and every single copy is treated almost as a one of the kind product. It makes process more costly but it ensures impeccable "boutique" quality of every single copy of the book.
  2. This book is laminated for better longevity. Our commitment was to provide you with a durable product. Therefore, all pages of the book are laminated. The laminating material used for this book is very thin and very translucent in order to not make book unnecessary bulky or to reduce natural translucency of polyester. If printed on paper and laminated, the book would be much cheaper but it would be much less efficient for the drawing process. Translucency and durability of the book are the keys for success. Translucency allows you to double quantity of outcome poses by using the templates from both sides. Durability was the major concern when the book was manufactured and, therefore, additional costs of lamination were considered to be necessary to make the book the efficient tool for drawing that it is now.
  3. Quality control. Due to the unique nature of the book, for the sake of better quality control we do not outsource our manufacturing. The book is printed and manufactured in the USA under our close supervision and we guarantee the exceptional quality of each and every printed copy despite the complexity of production process.

The bottom line is that this is not another mass market type of generic "figure drawing for dummies" book. This is a professional tool created by experts with respect to complexity and importance of figure drawing process and such tool cannot be created cheaply.

What if I need help in using the book? [Top]: If you feel that you need a hint or feedback on your experience with drawing templates or some sort of coaching on how to use the book in the most efficient way, we will be happy to advise you via email and through free online workshops. Please feel free to ask questions and even email your drawing for a feedback. This is a limited time offer available only to individuals who bought the book online through www. and it may be rescinded at any time.
What options do I have for shipping? [Top]: Currently all shipping of the Figure Drawing Templates book is done only via USPS - The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service). Read here more about shipping options.
Do you ship internationally? [Top]:

We ship globally in the most countries via USPS (U.S. Postal Service) and we are lucky to have customers around the world. We successfully shipped copies of the book to our customers in Indonesia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates. We ship routinely to Europe, Canada and Australia. If you have any questions about shipping, please let us know: we will gladly answer any questions.

We are committed to shipping the book to any place where any postal service will deliver. Figure drawing template users are buying the book from many countries in the world and we will be happy to receive any suggestions on how to ship better to your country or region.

Currently we ship internationally via these USPS (U.S. Postal Service) services:

How secure is payment via your website? [Top]:

The payment is secured by a SSL Certificate (what is SSL?) issued by with up to 256-bit encryption.

In addition to that, we also accept PayPal, if you prefer it as a secure payment method. If you prefer Pay Pal as a payment method, please select "PayPal" option from drop down menu "Select method of payment" and press "Check out with PayPal" button: you will be redirected to PayPal Payment Terminal where you can complete your purchase.

The payment process is structured such that the payment information is entered on the website of book's publisher, Art Design Project Inc.

Do you provide discounts and promotions? [Top]:

We have no plans to discount our books or to provide any coupons with discounts. The only exception is a temporary discount for quantity buyers. At this moment, Art Design Project INC, the publisher of The Figure Drawing Templates by Irina V. Ivanova, offers a temporary discount program for purchases of more than one copy of the book in the same order and to the same mailing address.

Read more about discounts and promotions here.

Do you offer free shipping? [Top]:

In addition to quantity discounts, we currently offer free Media Mail USPS shipping within the USA on any order from this website. Please take advantage of this complimentary offer and order your copy with a free Media Mail USPS shipping today.

Please note: this is a temporary offer that will end at any moment without any special notice. Please act now and make your order today.