There are three main advantages gained by using the templates in figure drawing process:

Advanced efficiency of drawing process: The Figure Drawing Templates give vital economy of time. They increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of sketching and illustrating work. The Figure Drawing Templates give help to jump start a figure drawing process and to stay focused on creative objectives, bypassing time-consuming and tedious preparatory tasks.

Accelerated learning process of figure drawing: By using templates you obtain better and quicker understanding of figure drawing. Just as painting study requires copying of artwork by other artists in order to seize principles and techniques of art, using of figure drawing templates teaches you fundamentals of figure drawing. After drawing using a template numerous times you will absorb the drawing technique encapsulated by the template.

Focus on the creative side of your project: Template based figure drawing technique can be as creative as any other art and design methodology. Figure Drawing Templates are just instruments and, if properly used, can enhance your skills and allow your creative thinking to run free. For creative projects templates must be traced not "verbatim" but creatively, serving as a general guidance for imagination.